CAS 27200-12-0 Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98%

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Certification: ISO, COA
Model Number: 98%
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Detail Information
Product Name: Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin Other Name: DMY DHM
CAS No: 27200-12-0 MF: C15H12O8
Variety: Vine Tea Part: Leaves And Stems
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction Form: Powder
Appearance: Fine Off White Powder Function: Protecting The Liver,Anti Inflammation
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Test Method: HPLC
Shelf Life: 24 Months Storage: Dry Container,Darkness,Dry Place,& Ventilate,Stored In Dry And Cool Place
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CAS 27200-12-0 Vine Tea Extract


DHM 98% Vine Tea Extract


CAS 27200-12-0 dhm supplement

Product Description

CAS 27200-12-0 Herbal Plant Extract Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98%

Product Name

Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin


Off White Powder

Active Ingredient

Dihydromyricetin 98%

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Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Dihydromyricetin is a natural ingredients extracted from vine tea . The main active ingredient is flavonoids. With the functions of scavenging free radicals, antioxidants, antithrombotic, Tumor, anti-inflammatory and other peculiar effects; Dihydromyricetin is a special flavonoid compound. In addition to the general characteristics of flavonoids, it also has the ability to relieve alcohol poisoning, prevent alcoholic liver, fatty liver, and inhibit liver cells. Worsening and reducing the incidence of liver cancer. It is a good product for protecting the liver and hangover.
CAS 27200-12-0 Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98% 0

CAS 27200-12-0 Herbal Plant Extract Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98%

1.Reducing alcohol intoxication levels
Although Dihydromyricetin is not recommended as a quick fix for dangerous levels of alcohol toxicity in the bloodstream, it has shown to be effective in treating impairment of motor coordination, slurred or disoriented speech and confusion brought on the result by consuming alcohol.
The key explanation of DHM being so effective on most alcohol-related symptoms is due to its effect on acetaldehyde. The majority of negative reactions to alcohol intake are sourced from the body’s accumulation of acetaldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol. The body’s process of breaking down acetaldehyde is expedited by the influence of DHM.
“Dihydromyricetin or DHM appears to reduce circulating levels of alcohol in the blood when taken before drinking. This works somewhat when taken during or after alchohol consumption, but is most effective when taken 30 minutes prior to drinking.”

2.Dihydromyricetin as a hangover cure
Most people have hangovers after they drink to the point of intoxication. The unpleasant feelings from a hangover are generally attributed to a combination of toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism (acetaldehyde), dehydration, and toxic impurities found in some alcoholic beverages (congeners).Typically, hangovers begin when the alcohol concentration in your blood begins to fall. Your hangover peaks when your blood alcohol level reaches zero. For many people, this hangover peak happens at right about the time they wake up in the morning.
Two enzymes — alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) — help your body break down alcohol. Studies suggest [3] that DHM increases the activity of these enzymes, which means it could help you metabolize alcohol faster. Theoretically, the sooner your blood alcohol level reaches zero, the more quickly your hangover can pass.

3.Preventing alcohol-related liver damage
In addition to DHM’s anti-intoxication and hangover effects, many studies have found that DHM also protects a gainst (and helps repair) liver damage. Dihydromyricetin has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine to treat diseases of the liver. Your liver metabolizes alcohol at a constant rate. Any excess alcohol which your liver is unable to metabolize right away circulates through your blood stream until your liver can process it. The process of breaking down alcohol is extremely demanding on your liver. Your liver identifies alcohol as a toxin and makes breaking down alcohol its top priority. This leads to the accumulation of fat deposits and tissue damage. Because DHM helps the liver process alcohol faster, it allows the liver to resume its normal tasks quicker. In other words, DHM has hepatoprotective qualities.

4.Treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome
Scientists believe that hangovers are partially caused by a sort of mini-withdrawal from alcohol. For people with alcoholism,however, alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a serious, even life-threatening condition. There are currently no prescription medications without significant side effects that can be used to treat alcohol withdrawal.
Research suggests that Dihydromyricetin (or DHM) has the potential to treat alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
Research found a reduction in withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, tolerance, and seizures. The study also
suggested that DHM may also reduce alcohol cravings.


CAS 27200-12-0 Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98% 1



1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.
2. Applied in health industry.
3. Applied in cosmetics field.

CAS 27200-12-0 Herbal Plant Extract Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98%


CAS 27200-12-0 Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98% 2

CAS 27200-12-0 Herbal Plant Extract Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin DHM 98%

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