Medicinal Lotus Flower Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine Powder Stimulate Digestion

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Place of Origin: Shannxi,Xi'An,China
Brand Name: Hongkang
Model Number: Nuciferine
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Grams
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Supply Ability: 5000Kilogram/Month
Detail Information
Product Name: Lotus Extract Nuciferine Specification: 10% 50% 98%
MOQ: 1kg Shelf Life: 2Year
Package: 1KG ,5Kg ,as Required Storage: Cool Dry Place
CAS: 475-83-2 MF: C19H21NO2
Test Method: HPLC
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lotus natural extracts


lotus leaf extract powder

Product Description


Hot selling Lotus Leaf Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine powder


Medicinal Lotus Flower Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine Powder Stimulate Digestion 0

In Chinese medicine, the lotus leaf is classified as a bitter herb. According to traditional practitioners,

bitter herbs trigger the production of bile and hydrochloric acid, which stimulate digestion and ease

flatulence. Bile secretion assists in the breakdown of fats, and serves as a liver tonic. As an astringent,

lotus leaf has the ability to stop bleeding, such as hematuria (blood in urine), hematemesis (blood in vomit)

and excessive menstrual bleeding. Scientific research has revealed that lotus leaf contains alkaloids, flavonoids

and tannins. The isoquinoline alkaloids in the leaf have sedative and antispasmodic properties.


Product Name
Lotus Leaf Extract
Latin Name
Folium Nelumbinis
Active Ingredient
Nuciferine 10%,50%,98%;
Water soluble Nuciferine 2%,5%
Test Method
Extraction Solvent
Ethanol/ Water
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight



Excellent Weight Loss Effect

1. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) contains a variety of lipid alkaloids, can effectively break down the

fat of body and excreted.

2. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) can be powerfully adhere to human intestinal wall, forming a layer

of fat isolation membrane, preventing fat from being absorbed and accumulation.

3. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine)'s detoxification effect is remarkable, it can effectively open up all

kinds of metabolic pathways, scavenging free radicals, mediating organs' function.

4. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) can clear heart fire, liver fire, spleen fire and lung fire, mediate

endocrine and improve human microcirculation.

5. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) can improve the habbit of greasy diet: Lotus leaf extract has a strong

effect of oil exclusion. With long-term accumulation in human body, lotus leaf extract will produce latent

signal inertia of the brain's eating nerves, making people feel disgusted with greasy food gradually.


Excellent Lipid-lowering Effect

As obese people's cells are not sensitive to insulin, patients' glucose tolerance are often decreased,

and total fat, cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids are often increased, which induced diabetes

atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cholelithiasis, hypertension and other diseases. based on the

lotus leaf extract's effective decomposition of somatic cell fat, peple's sensitivity of insulin can be increased

and high-fat disease can be prevented.


Medical Application


The most clinical application of lotus leaf extract is in the formula for weight loss and lipid-lowering, preventing

and treating coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.


Food&Health Care Application

Lotus leaf extract products are: compound lotus leaf granules, mixture, capsules, lotus leaf extract tea, juice,

chewing gum, toothpaste, tablets, etc.

Medicinal Lotus Flower Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine Powder Stimulate Digestion 1



Medicinal Lotus Flower Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine Powder Stimulate Digestion 2

1. Applied in food field, lotus leaf become a delicious and healthy green food;
2. Applied in health product field, lotus leaf tea is loved by people;
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can promote the growth of bone.
4. Applied in Dietary Supplement, it is greatest fat burner, reduce fat, depress blood pressure.



Our Company

Medicinal Lotus Flower Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine Powder Stimulate Digestion 3

Shaanxi Hongkang Biological Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, professional

committed to the natural plant active ingredient research, development, production and

sales, with own import and export rights.Widely used in cosmetics, health products, food

additives and other industries. Shaanxi Hongkang will continuously to focus on and

serve human health from a global perspective, and create high-quality products in the

field of green health.

After years of continuous development, company has been accumulated rich experience

in international trade and customer resources, established a stable customer base

and perfect marketing service network.Company has perfect quality assurance system,

implement strict quality control standards.

The quality management department is equipped with a number of sets of UV, GC,

HPLC, GC-MS and other advanced testing and experimental instruments.Besides, it has

a detailed division of labor for the three functions of process research, quality assurance

and quality inspection, which can effectively and comprehensively control the quality

of the production process, conduct comprehensive inspection and analysis on the final

product, and ensure the quality of the product.

Providing users with satisfactory products is our constant pursuit. the company has

several plant extraction production lines in the workshop,And supercritical CO2

extraction,column separation technology, membrane separation technology, high

-efficiencycountercurrent extraction, microwave drying technology, spray drying and

other advanced production equipment, and has formed an annual output of 200 tons of

high-purity plant extracts production capacity, Complete product specifications and

stable quality.With the certificate of ISO9001:14001:45001.


Product Packing

Medicinal Lotus Flower Extract 10% 50% 98% Nuciferine Powder Stimulate Digestion 4

Package:1kg/aluminum foil bag;25Kgs in fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside

Net Weight:25kgs/Drum/Gross Weight:28kgs/Drum
Drum Size & Volume:I.D.42cm × H52cm,0.08 m³/Drum
Storage:Stored in dry and cool place,keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life:Two years when properly stored



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