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High Purity Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract For Effective Pest Control

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : 25kg/Paper Drum Delivery Time : 7-10 work days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: P. R. China Brand Name: Sunfull
Certification: Halal、Kosher、ISO etc Model Number: SF-PYR50

Detail Information

Appearance: Buff To Brown Viscosity Liquid Odor: Slight Chrysanthemum Aroma
Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins Part Of The Plant Used: Flower
Latin Name: Pyrethrum Cinerariifolium Trev. Specification: 50.00%-70.00% Pyrethrins
High Light:

Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract


Pest Control Natural Pyrethrum Extract


70.00% Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract

Product Description

Pyrethrins / Refined Pyrethrum Extract

High Purity Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract For Effective Pest Control 0       High Purity Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract For Effective Pest Control 1

Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide, derived from the Chrysanthemum flower (Pyrethrum) that have potent insecticidal activity. The active ingredients are extracted with organic solvents to give a concentrate containing pyrethrin I and II, cinerin I and II, and jasmolin I and II. Supercritical carbon dioxide has also been used as an extractant. Pyrethrins are neurotoxins that attack the nervous systems of all insects. When present in amounts not fatal to insects, they still appear to have an insect repellent effect. Pyrethrins are gradually replacing organophosphates and organochlorides as the pesticide of first choice. They are non-persistent, being biodegradable, and break down on exposure to light or oxygen. The chemical structure of pyrethrins inspired the production of a variety of synthetic insecticides called pyrethroids such as bifenthrin and permethrin.


Pyrethrins are generally separated from the flowers. However, they typically contain impurities from the flower. Whole, crushed flowers are known as pyrethrum powder. It has a powerful touch effect and a broad insecticidal spectrum. The residual period is short. It is mainly used for the prevention and control of sanitary pests and livestock pests. It is very safe for humans and animals, has no phytotoxicity to plants, no residues, and does not pollute agricultural products and the environment. 


Pyrethrins have been registered for use in pesticides since the 1950’s. They have since been used as models to produce longer lasting chemicals called pyrethroids, which are man-made.


Pyrethrins excite the nervous system of insects that touch or eat it. This quickly leads to paralysis and ultimately their death. Pyrethrins are often mixed with another chemical to increase their effect. This second chemical is known as a synergist.


Product Description
Light Yellow oil liquid
Pyrethrin I
Pyrethrin II
Loss on drying
Residue ignition
Heavy metals

Technical flow chart for Pyrethrin Extraction
High Purity Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract For Effective Pest Control 2


What happens to pyrethrins in the environment?

In the presence of sunlight, pyrethrin 1, a component of pyrethrins, breaks down rapidly in water and on soil and plant surfaces. Half-lives are 11.8 hours in water and 12.9 hours on soil surfaces. On potato and tomato leaves, less than 3% remained after 5 days. Pyrethrins do not readily spread within plants.
In the absence of light, pyrethrin 1 breaks down more slowly in water. Halflives of 14 to 17 days have been reported. When water was more acidic, pyrethrin 1 did not readily break down. Pyrethrins that enter the water do not dissolve well but tend to bind to sediment. Half-lives of pyrethrin 1 in sediment are 10.5 to 86 days.
Pyrethrins also stick to soil and have a very low potential to move through soil towards ground water. In field studies, pyrethrins were not found below a soil depth of 15 centimeters. However, pyrethrins can enter water through soil erosion or drift. In the top layers of soil, pyrethrins are rapidly broken down by microbes. Soil half-lives of 2.2 to 9.5 days have been reported. Pyrethrins have a low potential to become vapor in the air.

High Purity Pyrethrins Natural Pyrethrum Extract For Effective Pest Control 3


Can pyrethrins affect birds, fish, or other wildlife?
Pyrethrins are practically non-toxic to birds but highly toxic to honey bees. However, some of the risk to pollinators is limited by their slight repellent activity and rapid breakdown.
Pyrethrins are highly to very highly toxic to fish. They are also very highly toxic to lobster, shrimp, oysters, and aquatic insects. This may be partly due to their higher toxicity at lower temperatures. There is evidence that long term exposure to pyrethrins can cause reproductive effects in fish and aquatic insects. In separate studies, minnows and water fleas were exposed to very small amounts of pyrethrins for one month. Fewer minnow eggs hatched and fewer water flea young were produced.



1. Safe enough to apply on farm, poultry farm, resturants, hotel, industry and other household public area.
2. Safe to human and animals.
3. Spatial spraying, thermal fog or ultra volume spraying according to the label for control of pests in interior and exterior environments. When applied in exterior environments, be sure to check the speed and direction of wind. When applied in interior environments, be sure to treat the target areas where the pests stay.

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